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Welcome, Dear Visitor! What you will find on this page is only addresses of people who can help you in your polemics with Jehovah's Witnesses. If one of the people you care about has been entrapped in this organization or you are just tired from them harassing you on the street, ringing at door, propositions to read their "Watch tower", this page is just for you. We hope these contacts will be helpful to you.

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Andronnik Roman - Christian (Former JW (7 years)), former elder) (Crimea)

Barmin Yury - atheist (Saint-Petersburg)

Dvorkin Alexander - /professor of sects studies/ Orthodox (Moscow) (095) 246-25-35

Efremov Nikolay - Christian (Former JW (7 years)), former service assistant) (Crimea)

Ilyin Alezey - Orthodox (Donetsk, Ukraine)

Kozlov Vladimir - Protestant (Former JW (3 years)) (South Russia)

Medvedev Alexander - Orthodox (Moscow) (095) 423-73-41

Merlin Boris - /Priest/ Orthodox (Estonia)

Mihaylin Sergey - Christian /Former JW (7 years), former service assistant/ (Tuva)

Novopashin Alexander - /Priest/ Orthodox (Novosibirsk)

Osipov Andrew - Orthodox (Sumi, Ukraine) tel.: (0542) 36-19-00

Rasskazov Alexey - Orthodox (Moscow) tel: (095) 342-08-13; 953-29-03

Rozet Dmetriy - Protestant (Saint-Petersburg)

Skovorodin Vadim - Orthodox (Former JW (7 years)) (Saint-Petersburg)

Snegovoy Pavel - Protestant (Doneck)

Stoliarov Pavel - Protestant (Saint-Petersburg)

Troitskiy Vladislav - Protestant (Former JW (5 years)) (Moscow) tel.: (095) 389-28-85

Cherepanov Alexander - Protestant (Moscow)


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